Prebook your place at eventbrite or by emailing Simon Thomson

Saturday 12th April

Registration  10.00-10.30

Session 1    10.30-12.00


Richard North (UCL): Out of one’s senses, or senses out of one: more on the flying modsefa

Jon Wilcox (Iowa): The sensory cost of remediation; or, sniffing in the gutter of the Blickling Homilies

Coffee           12.00-12.30

Session 2     12.30-2.00

Simon Thomson (UCL): “Whistle while you work”: some indications of scribing as hearing in Old English poetic manuscripts

Nick Baker (York): Crying in the Middle Ages: the emotional power of manuscript art

Mary Wellesley (UCL): Multi-sensory association in the N-town ‘Magnificat’

 Lunch             2.00-3.00

Session 3       3.00-4.30

Irina Metzler (Swansea): Changes in the conflation of congenital deafness and mental disability in the medieval world

Mariana López (York): The York Mystery Plays: A case study in the exploration of sound and hearing in medieval vernacular drama

Eric Lacey (Winchester): tbc

Wine reception   4.30-5.30

Sunday 13th April

Session 1         10.00-11.00

Pete Sandberg (UCL): Disembodied cognition and sensory perception in Old Norse poetry

Meg Boulton (Independent): (Re)Viewing “Iuxta Morem Romanorum”:  Considering Perception, Phenomenology and Anglo-Saxon Ecclesiastical Architecture

Coffee                11.00-11.30

Session 2          11.30-1.00

Eoin Bentick (UCL): “Bodyly Syght”, Female Devotion and Books of Hours

Vicky Symons (UCL): Doing Things with Words in Old English Charms and Riddles

Francesca Brooks (KCL): The Partible Text and the Textual Relic: Sensory Engagements with the 13th Century Seinte Margarete

Lunch                  1.00-2.00

Session 3            2.00-3.30

Melissa Herman (York): Loops, twists, and tangles: Visual perception and Anglo-Saxon interlace

Mike Bintley (Canterbury): Expressions of suffering and sensory engagment with the early medieval world

Close and thanks

Prebook your place at eventbrite or by emailing Simon Thomson

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